Best Sports Bars

Gathering at a lively sports bar in Banff is an exhilarating experience that infuses the air with an electrifying energy. Whether it's the suspenseful final minutes of a close match or the exultant victory dance after a winning goal, the sports bar offers a unique space to revel in the shared passion for sports, forging unforgettable memories with friends, old and new.

Sports Bars in Banff!

Best Sports Bar

Elk & Oarsman • (403) 762-4616 • 119 Banff Ave. Menu
Big TVs on every wall. Not a bad seat in the house!

Melissa’s MisSteak (403) 762-5511 • 201 Banff Ave. • Menu
Big TVs for all the action! Football, hockey, soccer, rugby, and more...

Rose & Crown (403) 762-2121 • 202 Banff Ave. • Menu
The poolroom is now the Sportsbar with many big screen TV’s!

Boston Pizza (403) 762-2192 • 2nd fl. 225 Banff Ave. Menu
Nice lounge, great food and lots of TVs for all the games!

Banff Ave. Brewing Co. (403) 762-1003 • 110 Banff Ave. Menu
Brew Pub in the Clock Tower Mall! Big screens, Nice staff, Great beer!

Pump & Tap (403) 760-6610 • 215 Banff Ave.
The best place to watch world-wide sports! Rugby, footy...!

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