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At Alberta Certified Landscapers we offer residential, commercial and industrial landscaping, lawn maintenance, property management, snow removal, grading, line painting and several other services. We believe that a beautiful outdoor space should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer a range of services to fit any budget. So whether you're looking for a complete landscape overhaul or just great lawn maintenance, we've got you covered. We are proud to be Alberta Certified Landscapers, and we look forward to helping you create the outdoor space of your dreams! Alberta Certified Landscapers has been operating in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We cater to all types of needs including residential, commercial and industrial properties. Call us Today for a Quote: (780) 446-2110


Commercial Services

Our commercial services offer a wide range of solutions to keep your business or industrial property looking its best year-round. We specialize in Commercial and Industrial Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Property Management, Snow Removal, Bobcat & Plow Truck Services, Grading, Line Painting and several other services.

Residential Services

Our residential services are designed to enhance the beauty and value of your property while ensuring that it is well-maintained year-round. Our team of experts specializes in a wide range of services including Lawn, Shrub & Tree Maintenance, Landscaping, Grading, Sod Installation, Leaf Clean Up, Aeration, Snow Removal, Bobcat & Plow Truck Services and more!


Servicing all types of Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Properties.

Lawn Care

Are you tired of spending your weekends maintaining your lawn? Our top-notch lawn maintenance services are here to make your life easier. From aeration and de-thatching to mowing and edging, we have you covered. Our expert team also offers fertilization and weed control to keep your lawn looking healthy and pristine. Say goodbye to the hassle of lawn care and let us take care of it for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! (780) 446-2110

Landscape Design

Looking for high-quality landscaping services? We offer a variety of top-notch services, including sod preparation and installation, property maintenance, pruning, shrub maintenance, tree maintenance, and much more. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that will leave your property looking its best. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to get the job done right. Call today to learn more about how we can help transform your outdoor space! (780) 446-2110

Spring & Fall Cleanup

In need of Spring & Fall cleanup services? We've got everything you need to get your yard looking its absolute best. Our comprehensive services include Power Rake, Aeration, Power Edge, Vacuum/Cut, Fertilization, Bag Debris and more. Trust us to take care of your yard and leave it looking pristine. Don't wait any longer to give your yard the attention it deserves, contact us today! (780) 446-2110

Snow Removal

Get ready to conquer winter with our snow removal services! We offer Snow Removal and Snow Hauling, as well as Bobcat and Plow Truck Services to help you stay ahead of the snowstorm. We also offer ice management services including sanding, rock chipping, and ice melting for sidewalks and parking lots. Call us for a quote today! (780) 446-2110

Our Services

Everything from Landscaping to Snow Removal

Lawn Maintenance

Get ready to transform your lawn into a vibrant, thriving oasis! Lawn maintenance involves an array of activities, such as mowing your lawn to perfection, ensuring it's adequately watered, giving it a nutrient boost with fertilization, and invigorating the soil through aeration. With proper lawn maintenance, you can be confident that your lawn will remain an enchanting haven that will keep your outdoor space looking stunning!


Boost your lawn's health with the amazing process of aeration! By creating tiny holes in the soil, aeration allows for deep penetration of air, water, and vital nutrients straight to the roots of your grass. With this powerful technique, you can say goodbye to compacted soil, which can hinder your lawn's growth and vigor over time. So let's get started and witness the incredible benefits that aeration can bring to your lawn!.

Power Raking

Revitalize your lawn with the process of Power raking, also known as dethatching! Over time, your once-lush lawn can become weighed down by layers of lifeless grass, leaves, and other organic debris - also known as thatch. Don't let thatch suffocate your yard and stifle its growth. Through the process of de-thatching, you can strip away the layers of buildup and allow for a rush of vital water, air, and nutrients to penetrate your grass roots. Say goodbye to a lackluster lawn and embrace a healthier, more vibrant outdoor oasis.



Get ready to unleash the power of a pristine lawn! Mowing, the backbone of lawn maintenance, is the key to keeping your yard looking fantastic! It's an art that involves slicing through the blades of grass with precision at a regular interval to achieve a vibrant, even height, and encourage robust growth. The frequency of mowing is dictated by various factors like the grass type, the speed of growth, and the season, ensuring you get the perfect cut every time!




Lawn edging can help transform your yard into a stunning oasis! By creating a clear boundary between your lawn and other elements like flower beds and walkways, you'll achieve a clean and polished look that will make your outdoor space stand out. Not to mention, lawn edging prevents pesky grass from spreading and taking over other areas, giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful yard. With a plethora of materials to choose from, including eye-catching brick, elegant stone, and modern metal, you can truly make a statement with your lawn edging. So why settle for a lackluster lawn when you can add some pizzazz!


Get ready for a vibrant and healthy lawn that will make your neighbors envious! Fertilizing your lawn is the key to unlocking its full potential. With essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, your grass will grow stronger, thicker, and more colorful than ever before. Not only does fertilizer promote root growth and repair damage caused by pests, diseases, and weather, but it also helps your lawn resist weed growth and tolerate extreme conditions like drought and heat. So, if you want to transform your dull and lackluster yard into a show-stopping masterpiece, fertilizing is the way to go!...

Weed control

Get ready to transform your lawn and garden into a vibrant and lush paradise! Weeding may sound like a mundane task, but it's actually an essential step in achieving the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Imagine eliminating those pesky weeds that compete with your plants for vital resources like water and nutrients. You'll be rewarded with a stunning and thriving outdoor space that you can't wait to show off to your friends and family.


Landscaping is the art and science of modifying the visible features of an outdoor area to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The design of a landscape involves careful planning and consideration of the unique features of the property, including the soil type, topography, and climate. Sod preparation and installation is an important aspect of landscaping that involves properly preparing the soil to support healthy growth of new grass. Property maintenance includes regular upkeep of the landscape, including mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weeding. Pruning, shrub maintenance, and tree maintenance are important for promoting healthy growth and maintaining the shape and appearance of plants. With proper planning and maintenance, a well-designed landscape can provide both aesthetic beauty and functional benefits for property owners.

Sod Preparation and Installation

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a lush, green oasis? Get excited about the process of sod preparation and installation! From measuring the area to removing existing vegetation, preparing the soil, laying the sod, and maintaining it, each step is essential to creating a beautiful lawn. With the proper care and attention, your new lawn will flourish, providing you with a vibrant and enjoyable outdoor space for years to come!


Tree pruning is the practice of selectively removing branches from a tree in order to promote its health, safety, and aesthetic value. Pruning can have several benefits for trees. Pruning removes dead, diseased, or damaged branches, which can help prevent the spread of pests and diseases and promote healthy new growth. Pruning can also help prevent branch failure, which can be a safety hazard, particularly in areas where people or property are located.

Shrub Maintenance

This essential landscaping practice is key to keeping your outdoor space healthy, vibrant, and stunning. With a range of activities including pruning, watering, fertilizing, and pest control, keeping your shrubs looking their best. Pruning will sculpt your shrubs into beautiful shapes, while watering and fertilizing will provide them with the nutrients they need to flourish. Don't settle for a lackluster outdoor space, turn your garden into a breathtaking oasis.

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is an important practice that involves regular care and attention to ensure healthy growth and optimal performance of trees. This includes tasks such as pruning, trimming, fertilizing, and watering, which help to promote tree growth, prevent disease and insect infestations, and ensure structural integrity. Regular maintenance also involves monitoring trees for signs of damage or disease, such as cracks, decay, or fungal growth. Proper tree maintenance is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant urban forest, and can also enhance property values and contribute to overall environmental quality.

Leaf / Yard Raking

Leaf or yard raking is a common gardening task that involves removing fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris from lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. This essential clean-up task is an easy and effective way to keep your outdoor space clean, healthy, and visually stunning. The collected debris is then disposed of in compost bins, green waste bins, or as part of a municipal yard waste collection program. So why wait? Start enjoying a beautiful, well-maintained outdoor space all year round!


Vacuum / Cut

Vacuuming or cutting your yard can be a great way to maintain a healthy and visually appealing lawn. Vacuuming involves using a specialized tool to remove debris and leaves from the surface of the lawn, while cutting involves trimming the grass to a specific length using a lawnmower. Both of these tasks require careful attention to detail and proper technique in order to achieve the best results. Regular vacuuming and cutting can help to prevent the build-up of thatch, improve air circulation and sunlight penetration, and promote healthy growth of the grass. Additionally, a well-manicured lawn can enhance the overall aesthetic of your property and increase its value.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance is essential for keeping a parking lot functional, safe, and visually appealing. One important aspect of parking lot maintenance is line painting, which helps to delineate parking spaces, traffic lanes, and pedestrian walkways. Seam sealing is another critical maintenance task, which involves sealing the gaps and cracks in the asphalt surface to prevent water infiltration and damage. Regular parking lot sweeping removes debris, leaves, and litter, keeping the lot clean and free of hazards. Sanding services can also be important, especially during winter months, to prevent slips and falls on icy surfaces. Finally, bobcat services can be useful for tasks such as grading, trenching, and snow removal, which require heavy equipment and skilled operators. Overall, parking lot maintenance is an ongoing process that requires attention to detail and a proactive approach to keep the parking lot in top condition.

Water Hauling

Water Hauling offers a wide range of water-related services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. These services include the transportation of water through trucks equipped with specialized tanks for safe and efficient transport. Cisterns, drinking water, skating rinks, pools, hot tubs, dust control, landscaping, tree watering, special events, construction sites, oil and gas rigs, camps and staff housing, fire protection, vessel fills, and demolition are some of the services provided by us. These services are essential for individuals and businesses that require large quantities of water for various purposes. Whether it's for recreational activities or industrial applications, our water hauling service provides a convenient and reliable solution for your water needs.





Snow Removal

With heavy snowfalls being a common occurrence in many areas, the task of clearing snow from sidewalks, driveways, and roads has become an essential part of everyday life. Whether it's through the use of powerful snow blowers, plows, or good old-fashioned elbow grease, snow removal is a high-stakes mission to ensure safe passage and accessibility. The battle against the snow requires careful planning and precision execution to conquer the frigid foe. This daunting task is carried out by our well experienced workers who brave the elements to ensure safety and accessibility during the winter season!

Snow Hauling

Snow hauling is the act of physically removing the snow from one location and transporting it to another area for storage or disposal. This can be necessary in areas with heavy snowfall or where snow removal equipment cannot access certain spaces. Snow hauling involves the use of trucks and heavy equipment such as loaders, skid steers, or snowblowers. It is important to ensure that the snow is transported safely and efficiently, and that the disposal site is properly prepared to handle the volume of snow. Snow hauling is essential for maintaining safe and accessible roadways and sidewalks during the winter months.

Bobcat Services

Our team of skilled professionals use top-of-the-line bobcats to quickly and effectively remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. With their compact size and versatile attachments, our bobcats can navigate through even the tightest spaces and remove snow without causing damage to your property. Whether you need residential or commercial snow removal services, our bobcats are up to the task. Don't let snow slow you down this winter, contact us today!

Plow Truck Services

Don't let the snow and ice keep you trapped inside or stuck on the road. Our powerful and reliable Snow Plow Trucks are specially designed to clear even the heaviest snowfall, leaving you with a clear and safe pathway to drive on. Equipped with a sturdy and durable blade in the front, our plows will easily push aside any snow blocking your way. Plus, with the added bonus of sanders, salt spreaders and liquid de-icing systems, you can rest assured that your roads will be completely clear and free of any ice.


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