hottest Nightclub

The nightclub scene in Banff offers a unique blend of natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. As the sun sets behind the rugged mountain peaks, the town's nightlife awakens, beckoning both locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in its energetic atmosphere. Whether you're looking to dance the night away to a diverse range of music, sip on craft cocktails, or simply enjoy the company of fellow revelers, Banff's nightclubs provide a memorable and exhilarating experience.

Bunny Hops in Nightclub

DJ Bunny Hops at High Rollers!


DJ Taxi Mike playing The Canadian Brewhouse every Sunday! 9-midnite! Come down and get Funky!!! DJ Taxi Mike's Website - Click Here

Dancing Sasquatch (403) 762-4002 • 120 Banff Ave.
Yay! Nature and DJ combine for a real Banff party! Oh Ya!

High Rollers (403) 760­5300 • 110 Banff Ave. • Menu
Pizza & Bowling by day, Nightclub & Dancing by night!

Casual Late Drinks

The Eddie Burger + Bar (403) 762-2230 • 137 Banff Ave. • Menu
Serving gourmet drinks and burgers till late!

Rose & Crown (403) 762-2121 • 202 Banff Ave.
Tasty drinks till last call! Entertainment coming!!!

Melissa’s MisSteak (403) 762-5511 • 201 Banff Ave. • Menu
Sports bar, big central bar, stage and more! Entertainment Coming!

Banff Ave. Brewing Co. (403) 762-1003 • 110 Banff Ave. Menu
Quieter alternative! And they’re open late!

Tommy’s (403) 762-8888 • 120 Banff Ave. Menu
The locals’ bar! Last call for drinks as late as they’re allowed!

High Rollers (403) 760­5300 • 110 Banff Ave. • Menu
Food & drinks till late. Huge bar! Lotsa beers & bowling!