Best coffee shops

The simple pleasure of sipping on a perfectly crafted cappuccino or indulging in a delicate pastry invites a sense of calm and contentment. Conversations hum softly around you, blending into a harmonious buzz that's both comforting and unobtrusive. In this haven, time seems to stretch, allowing you to unwind, reflect, or simply revel in the serenity of the present moment.


Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Shop

Evelyn’s Coffee World (403) 762-2000 • 215 Banff Ave. • Menu
Great coffee, cappuccino, espresso and fresh baked goods!

Wild Flour Bakery (403) 760-5074 • 211 Bear St. • Menu
Artisan Bakery featuring fresh breads, healthy sandwiches and tasty treats!

Whitebark Cafe (403) 760-7298 • 401 Banff Ave. Menu
Open Everyday: 6:30a.m. - 6:00p.m. At the Whitebark Cafe we are passionate about serving you the perfect cup of coffee! The locals choice!

Good Earth Coffeehouse (403) 985-0989 • 333 Banff Avenue Menu
Located in the Elk + Avenue Hotel! Good coffee, good food!

Little Wild (403) 762-0329 • 119 Banff Ave.
Grab a triple scoop or a double espresso - we’ve selected the very best for you! Open 8am - 6pm!

Perk Coffeehouse 403-431-8221 • 220 Bear St.
Nice coffee shop in the Bear Street Mall. Munchables and drinkables!

Starbucks Downtown 403-760-8777 • 225 Banff Ave.
Open till 6:30pm.

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