Two bulls fighting on Stanley #16

Bear on Stanley #5 (photo by Ken Stevenson)

Business as usual!

Elk on the Driving Range

Bull Elk cruising the green

They say "Don't feed the animals"!

Mr. & Mrs. Canada Goose and family!

Looking over part of the herd

Bugling Bull Elk chasing a female!

Hey, keep it down out there. I was trying to sleep!


and more traffic! Hurry up already!

Bull elk ignoring golfer on Tunnel #2

Black bear moving early in the morning on Stanley #16

This Bull Elk tried to charge the Shuttle Bus on Stanley #18

Big bull checking out the green on Tunnel #9

Pesky young male elk likes the grass on the practice green by the clubhouse

Canadian Geese on Tunnel #8

Bull elk on Tunnel #2

Female Elk resting in the shade on Tunnel #3

Everyone's just minding their own business!

Elk in front of Tunnel #9 and Cascade Mountain

Traffic Jam

Canadian Geese on Tunnel #8

Mr. Gopher checking out the action!

Taxi Mike’s Guide to Banff Spring Edition, 2005.

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